Connecting people in need to Covid Resources.

We are a team of Volunteers who have come together to help families and healthcare workers find medical support information for COVID Patients.

We hope we can help you help your family member / friend faster.

Through Voiceshop

All India COVID Helpline Number

Please note: You would still have to make a LOT of calls to find help, but we can reduce the number significantly. For example, you might find a helpful contact in 10-20 calls through us, instead of 50.

Calls can be made between 9 AM- 9 PM all days of the week.

Our Tech-Enabled Covid-Seva Information Ambulance


We collect information that is publicly shared by people who came forward as donors, suppliers and supporters.
– Digitally via AI (Artificial Intelligence)
– Static Information via Volunteers


Our Team of Volunteers are working at a stretch to verify the source of the leads.


Our Platforms then showcases this information, in form of:
– Twitter Links: Here you can check information in real-time.
– Static Leads: Collected via volunteers, These leads are manually uploaded twice a day.


If you have good intent, we have THREE simple ways:

Send a tweet

Tweet using Resource Keyword along with City name
“Oxygen Concentrator” or “Plasma Donor” in “Delhi”

To Volunteer

If you know anyone who is actively working with resources, please share with them so we can give them a platform and together create a better structure.
We together, can help many in need. #StrongerTogether

This is an Initiative Driven Purely by Empathy

This website was made with an intention of pure goodwill and to help the people of India living in the places where COVID-19 has spread wildly. This website aims at linking all its visitors to the relevant information, in the wide spectrum of information at their disposal.
We update this site twice a day for verified leads.
We hope and aim that our creation eases/aids the efforts put by people in order to successfully defeat this virus and to restore peace in everyone’s lives again. We sincerely laud you for keeping it together in these tough times and we wish the people of India with enormous strength to fight the virus and make a remarkable comeback.
Stay healthy, stay safe and take care!


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Vaibhav jha |  Aman Kaushal  |  Vedant Chandak

Vaibhav jha 

Aman Kaushal 

Vedant Chandak

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Archana Gandhi | Shubhi Agarwal

Archana Gandhi

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